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I had a card explaining about LPR and the foods that cause a laryngeal spasm which will block my ability to breath. The waitress asked me if I had checked the website for allergens.

I said no! And why should I? Your staff should be professional and should know about allergens or who can help me with my dietary needs. I have eaten at your establishmrnt many times but no more.

Train your staff or you will loose more customers.

I will not recommend Ruby Tuesday to anyone again. Donna Rouch, PharmD.

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You are a medical professional probably making too much for what you do anyhow. You are the RESPONSIBLE party in your diet, not a server, who probably hasn't had the training you've had.

You want to control your LPR?

Eat at home. And as far as your entitlement attitude - well there's no real way to fix that I suppose since you aren't responsible enough to take care of your condition.


You are no loss. I wouldn't want your patronage in my place of business.


Lol this complaint is so ridiculous. I bet the waiter was thrilled when you left without ordering.


You expect the average restaurant worker or anyone, for that matter, to know what LPR is and what foods to avoid because of it ? Self entitled is YOU - the expert should be the one with the illness about what is safe to eat. If it's that much of an issue, stay home and make all of your own food.


Nice job at spell checking!


Surely this is a joke as no one can be this freaking ignorant!!! Hey dumbo: YOUR medical problem, YOU are the one who needs to take charge, take responsibility, take ownership!!

Who in their right mind would expect teenagers / young 20 something year old to know about what they can/can't eat? Talk about entitlement! Get off your backside and be accountable for your own health!

And Americans wonder why we Eurpeans call you guys lazy! THIS is pure laziness!

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