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Saturday 10/7 my boyfriend and i went to the east greenwich store to eat. I ordered the same dish i always order, which comes with 2 pieces of thin sliced chicken...

i got my dish with 1 piece of thick chicken not cooked. My boyfriend ordered a pasta dish with shrimp. He got a small bowl of pasta with dry shrimp dropped on top. When i asked the waitress why he had so little pasta, she stated that its a kids portion of pasta with shrimp.

When i asked why i only had one thick piece of chicken (in which i didnt know it was uncooked at the time until i cut it) she said thats all it comes with. I get the SAME meal all the time there because its my favorite. I asked for the manager and he not only was rude, but had the attitide that he wasnt trying to hear our complaint and said we'd have to pay an adittional $5.00 for another bowl of pasta. Then told me if i didnt believe what he was telling me about my portion, he'd show me the menu.

I paid my $7 for our two drinks and walked out, leaving our meals on the table. The fact that the manager named Mark Sutcliffe didnt even try and make us paying customers happy bewilders me. So we went across the street to Texas Roadhouse and had great service and delicious food. Your restaurant was empty and now i see why.

That manager shouldnt work with the public. My boyfriend is black and he thinks it was a racial thing.

I will NEVER enter that restaurant again in my life and i will tell of my HORRIBLE service n treatment. So uncalled for

Review about: Ruby Tuesday Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Does your boyfriend always order off the child's menu but expect an adult portion? You named and then called this manager a racist because you didn't get your way. This manager should sue you both for libel.


Your boyfriend is an id*ot! He should seek counseling to see why he has a chip on his shoulder.

It is not healthy to go through life and blame all your problems on race. Sounds like you guys were bitter because the manager proved you wrong by showing you the menu.

Your BF shouldn't order off the kids' menu if he wants an adult portion. Stay home and eat.


You lost any sympathy when you tried to import race.

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