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Employee with bad temper

Do they fire an employee with bad temper who breaks objects


So Connected

Started to complete the invite a friend to join So Connected on the Lemonade Day page. I did not know her email address so I did not complete of submit the form.

When I got into the office this morning I got her correct email address. I tried to complete the form but it doesn't allow me. Please advise.

Thank you! Stacey


Commercial (TV)

I have been a long time patron of your restaurants! I have a suggestion about your recent commercial with the annoying triplets.

CAN IT IMMEDIATELY!!! I'll save you what I feel makes me qualified to give you marketing advice, but trust me on this, loose the commercial. I and several friends have decided, based on commercial alone, to stop dining at your establishments. I'll offer this rid bit, a golden nugget if you wish, focus on quality of the food.

You have always offered a diverse menu with an inviting ambiance. Coupled with friendly staff and people will come and return. I know myself and my friends will pay extra for a pleaser staff and nice surroundings. Focus your advertising dollars on that message and training staff and I will return.

(and I'm sure everyone else). Sincerely


I totally agree with the patron's assessment above; couldn't agree more! The "triplet" commercial is one of the worst I have ever seen.

After seeing/hearing that commercial for the first time, my husband and I turned to each other and said "that has turned me off to eating at Ruby Tuesday". And each time the commercial comes on, we change the channel.

We will NOT be returning to eat at Ruby Tuesday until one we no longer see that awful commercial on TV that totally turns us off , two we've had time to rid our minds of the disgusting commercial and three we see a R.T. commercial that invites us back for the good food that you do offer.


Virtual card

Looking for the promotion on gift card. I received email of $50 not sure of the bonus promotion which was a $15 value. I dont know how to access it.


Be Connected Program

I’ve been a member for years, but didn’t receive my e-mail OR mailed !coupon last month. DOB = 3-26-1959.

Please respond ASAP so that I can enjoy my free Salad Bar once again - THIS WEEK.

I just reapplied, & the response was that I was already registered???? Ruby’s has always been my favorite restaurant, & your North Canton OH location is my choice location: Great Food & Service!


Why did you get Political?

I Will cease to frequent your restaurants wherever I travel- you have chosen liberalism over common interest. Good luck w/ your progressive agenda.



Hogg vs Ingraham. No more meals for me at Ruby Tuesdays.

You've chosen the side of a foul mouthed brat. Don't you people realize that you alienate half of America when you choose sides?

Guess you've chosen the side you want to serve. Good luck.


I agree with above and will never go to Ruby Tuesday again.Company cowers to leftist liberals.


Please tell us why you took off the veggie burger????? And PLEASE add it back!!!!!!

When we went to the Ruby Tuesday's in Austintown, Ohio to try the new salad bar, which by the way we liked very much, we were pleasantly surprised and so excited to see a veggie burger on the menu. And this wasn't just any veggie burger, it was absolutely delicious!!!!

Moist, flavorful and two patties!! We were very impressed and very happy. Even the waitresses said they had tried it, and weren't even vegetarian, and said how good it was. We had literally been praying some restaurant would offer this as an option.

We let all our friends know, and low and behold, the next time we went, a few weeks later, it was no longer on the menu! Please let us know if there is any chance, or anything we can do, to see this come back. Would it make a difference if we had many people call or email you.

Any information we can get would be greatly appreciated! Jane


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