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I ordered a bacon cheese burger with 3 pieces of cheese.I got this.

They took it away and added more cheese and melted in the microwave. It took 39 minutes to get a burger.

I'm sitting here watching the kitchen staff one worker threw a bag with broccoli at a waitress.This place is a mess

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***, if I didn't see those little RT muffins in the background - I'd swear you got that burger at Sonic. LOL


It's just a cheeseburger. Get over it. Life is too short.


It took 39 minutes to get the burger after they took it back to add more cheese?Or, 39 minutes total, counting the time it took to initially get the burger?

Your complaint is a bit lacking in details. Hard you complaining the cheese was microwaved? Were you expecting a completely new burger?

Did you get one?What did the manager say when you complained?

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