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I took two hours to calm down before making this complaint so that it would be legitimate and not out of anger but rather concern. I'm a busy person so it takes a lot for me to make a complaint.

I started visiting your 1001 North Court Street Medina Ohio location more frequently as of last spring of 2016. Every 2 or 3 weeks I visit this location with my mom to get her out of the house and visit and one continuing thing that we've noticed is that for some reason there's always a problem with them thoroughly cooking green beans and broccoli and other vegetables but my main complaint is about being lied to today which is why we left the restaurant without even ordering because about 6 weeks ago when we visited we noticed that five of the Six Tables along the west wall who are wobbly and when we dined at the first table it would wobble so much that it would spill our drinks on the table and we were getting our sleeves and coat in our spilled drinks so we asked if we could move to another table and when we did the second table was extremely wobbly as well so after that I got up and walked along the west wall to find out that five of the six tables more wobbly so I mentioned it to the waitress and she said that they would get them fixed as soon as possible. The last time we visited the first thing I asked when we were seated was it those tables had been fixed and we were assigned a seat away from those tables to avoid the acknowledgement of the problem. later on my way to the restroom I decided to take a walk along those cables to see if they had been fixed and they had not.

Tonight when we return to Ruby Tuesdays the first thing out of my mouth before we were even seated was did you fix the wobbling tables along the west wall and the waitress said oh yeah we took care of that no problem and then she said it is somewhere else well I walked over there to see if I was being lied to for the second time and lo and behold I was because all five of the six tables or still wobbly so when I addressed Shannon Gonzalez which was the manager and complain to on the second arrival prior to this and she said that she would have them fixed she lied and so did the waitress. I don't complain about trivial things but I was angered because I was lied to two visits in a row and after 6 weeks it should have been addressed now Shannon Gonzalez mention to me that on our visit 6weeks ago, she contacted the maintenance person to have them fixed and I'm having a hard time believing that it has taken 6 weeks for someone to arrive with a screw gun to do a five-minute job. I know this sounds crazy but it's the point that we were lied to that has made us decide to never return to a Ruby Tuesdays for the rest of our lives and tell everyone that we know about how truly disappointing our experiences have been with you at this location especially in regards to the wise *** smirks and attitude when we asked to have our vegetables thoroughly cooked what should have been done in the first place and be seated at a table that's safe enough to not have our drink spilled in front of us clothing. not to mention Sharon's comment about us being the only ones that have ever complained even though this has been a problem for the last year that is continually and gradually gotten worse.

We don't appreciate being treated like we're the problem because we recognize bad customer service and management.

God bless you and have a good day. Rob and marge paradise.

Review about: Ruby Tuesday Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Learn how to write a sentence.


Your priorities are messed up. Get a grip son.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1273488

This is so hilarious!! Seriously - the things that motivate people!

It's friggen Ruby Tuesday's...

not the Four Seasons. Get a grip.


As long as I was not sat at a wobbly table, I wouldn't give two bleeps about it. I would be more concerned with the food issues.

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