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We just had lunch at Ruby Tuesday in Stillwater, MN. We've been there many times, but never again. The salad bar plates get smaller and smaller, which turned out to be OK considering how downhill it has gone! (I mean off a cliff)! My son ordered mozzarella sticks and a side of Mac n cheese. The Mac was $4.50 and he got 1/2 bowl that he downed in about 30 seconds since he waited a good 20 minutes for. The mozzarella sticks (mind you ordered off the APPETIZER menus took at least 45 minutes. There was hardly anybody in the restaurant, more workers than customers. My brocoli cheese soup was stuffed full of huge chunks of undercooked brocoli. Bigger chunks than were on the salad bar. I'll try to add a photo. And those chunks were left over after I had already gagged down 1 1/2 of them.

One more thing to add...a waitress walked away with a plate of food from another table smelling the piece of meat on the plate. I don't know what her plans were for it...don't want to know!

We won't be going to any Ruby Tuesday again. They should go out of service!!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of ruby tuesday soup. Ruby Tuesday needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned ruby tuesday soup in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Ruby Tuesday.

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That soup looks pretty disgusting.

Springfield, Missouri, United States #1303243

Branson mo ruby tuesday in in need of a good manager as food was not on salad bar only three plates on bar for food very cold for diners awful

Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States #1202280

How obese are you and your family?


Keep in mind maybe they're short on staff and crammed. They probably just need to hire more people to make up for this.


I'm filing a Certified Legal Complaint Tuesay morning in Washington County Court.

They will be able to obtain all IP addresses and exact location.

You shouldn't mess around with a mother

to Akam22 #1166511

That freak did the same thing on my account! He posted as if it was me,and made comments about my being sexually abused. He is a troll that likes to harass people on this site.

to Anonymous #1169935

Once the courts and agents obtain the IP, I can send you the infor and you can file a complaint as well, if you wish. I don't know what your county fee is to file a complaint, but it does cost a little.

But you wouldn't have to pay for the agent research, I'll just give you that information. Sorry you have to go through it as well.

to Akam22 #1170013

They do this on whole sections, and make up crazy reviews. It is ruins this site, and its like they sit around all day on this site....please post info when you get it..i am sure many would like it

to Akam22 #1170581

Yes I would like the info, I had posted about a sofa. I was not rude in my review at all.

That same nutjob comes up on my post,insults me,is flat out rude, I tell him he is rude. He keeps attacking me,than makes false post,claiming he is me! When I comment as a update that I no longer plan on keep account,due to lies. The post he made disappear.

I kept a screen shot of the nasty lies and things he said claiming to be me. All I tried to do was warn people about how toxic a sofa was,and I was insulted and attacked.

to Akam22 #1191336

Still waiting for you to post IP addresses....

Markham, Ontario, Canada #1164940

Oh, anyways because of them I got so angry that when my son accidentally dropped my cellphone I slapped him across the face. I got yelled at by another customer for this.

Turned out she called CPS on me and followed me out of the restaurant taking down my license plate number. They used that to contact the police.

I got a visit from CPS. I now have to take parenting classes or have my son taken from me.

to Anonymous #1169715

I'm Sorry, I believe in gentle parenting. Don't you dare complain that BECAUSE OF THEM I SMACKED MY KID!

A child should NEVER be slapped, smacked, hit,... In any way shape or form.

Here's a tip, get a book called, 'how to talk so kids will listen, and listen so kids would talk'.

If you want a peaceful household where kids actually learn from their mistakes, and parents learn to be patient and create a great relationship with their kids, this book is awesome.

My son is now 22, and has a great relationship with his mom (dad died when he was 19), AND he has, on many occasions, compared his upbringing with that of his friends.

He says he would not trade lives with any of them cuz they all hate their parents, especially their mother s, largely to do with corporal punishment.

I instituted consequences that fit the transgression from am early age. The consequences strategy really worked. I never hit him, smacked him, or humiliated him in front of his friends. And there's more...

To this day, he gives me praise, and knows THAT book taught me well.

When he becomes a parent, he wants the exact same book for his guidance, and me there with him. He is now in law school, paying for it himself with student loans and working as an EMT. I couldn't be prouder. I think it's all to do creating and maintaining a mutual respect of each other.

Smacking a child is being a LAZY parent. Stop that! be hands on with teaching and hugging and loving. That does not mean you will never be displeased, but with a fair consequence, he will understand, and will develop better decision making skills.

And then You'll never have to corporally punish him ever... Your objective is to show him understanding .

teach him independence. Good luck


No one hacked anyone's account. This site let's people use other peoples' usernames and post childish things, pretending to be that person.

The good news is there appears to only be one troll immature enough to do that. The bad news is said person lives at this site and comments on virtually everything. The id*ot even responds to his own fake postings!

He use to go by the name of Kevin but now he is posting as Not_the_OP. Why he is allowed to continuously trash this site remains a mystery.

to Anonymous Benicia, California, United States #1166337

Face it you are the one that did that fake post. You are always there when the fake post is made.

to Anonymous #1169887

Did you ever hear of the right to free expression?

First Born Triplet
Ontario, Canada #1164125

Ruby Tuesday did not make that post there is this user that does this stuff all the time to troll.


I don't know why it listed me in Missouri. I'm in Minnesota

to Akam22 Markham, Ontario, Canada #1163887

Site is unreliable and unprofessional.

to Akam22 #1164944

Oh now I am locked out of my account and had to create a new account and it still got my state wrong.

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