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I deal with the public every day.I supervise and coordinate many employees.I learn that the customer is

the center and sole reason for being in business that deals with the public. This is something that is

totaly lost on ruby tuesday.The experience I had for the last two dining trips to ruby tuesday would

have been laughable if it had not cost me my hard earned money.The service was slow very slow.It

started the moment walked in the door.I approached the hostest asked for booth for 3 as I spoke look

around to see how busy they were also scanned for a booth.I saw a booth clean and as my party were

the onlly ones waiting I figured that would work.She ahhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhh I think we might have

a ahhhhh table or like something.I hated that I broke the conversation with one of the young hosts where she had been gigling and spinnig with as we came in.She said it will be a minute while I like you

know find talble or something her head rotating as she was i guess like you find someone to do her job.I mean she had more important things like talking about somthing with the young host who had an erection barnum and bailey could have pitched a tent over.Then another hostest appeared stating she

would be glad to help us very energeticly.That stopped me from walking out.They all went looking for a table.This was good that the ahhhhh waitress ahhhhed me for a good 8 minutes.Got to my booth sat

down.Waited waited waited another 8 to 9 minutes for the waiter appeared.Took out order for drinks

a tea and 2 cokes and the wings for an appetizer. We asked for the wings to come out before our entrees and said this nicely.He disappears and we wait wait wait 12 to 14 minutes pass and he comes out with 3 teas.I said that it was not correct he attempts to say the you sure thats what you said.I said

you wrote it down.He said you are write its write here.Thinking to myself does the poor sole think my mission life is to come to ruby tuesday just to make his life hard.He walked back up the isle I heared another customer obviously complaining. Couldnt here what was said but the guy was extra upset.So we waited and waited and waited he reappears with 3 cokes no tea. He said I am so sorry he went and got my tea without the lemon I had asked for pretty fast.I let the lemon go so we could get ours in and get

a salad at there bar.He took our orders and then I reminded him of the lemon.Went to the salad bar and found plates warm which usally are cold they were busy and I figued ok there busy.Followed the line so good so far considering most of the stuff on the bar was badly mixed up eggs inthe black olives

onions and lettuce spilled in everthing and when I got to the dressing bowls more salad floating in all them.The hanldles mixed as well and no blue cheese,ranch in the thousand island so on.Sat down got some sort of dressing wasnt ranch as i wanted so i said forget the salad.Giggling and more giggling.Ya hostes boy had to girls ant the reception looking at there phone.I cant be sure but every body that worked there would stop and look.Waited 25 to 30 more minutes no appetizer no waiter so i approached the giggling group at the desk.I walked up from my booth hoping to ask about the food and for some refills.When I walked up to the reception desk behond the gigling group I to got a glimpse of the cell phone screen it was ***.I cleared my phone they all jumped the hostes tried to act like she was talking to a customer on the phone with *** on it.Wheres my food ahhhhh ahhhh I will check.Finaly our wings appeated along with our entrees as we a asked it not to be.Still no waiter this was the kitchen help bringing the food.I said we need drinks we have been here waiting a long time and our waiter was no where to be found.We will check they said huffingly.I kind of stood up and stared to look for him.I found him and all the other waiters in the back in a liitle chat group with another cell phone the center fo attention. My wife ordered a sirloin and it was foul rotten. They got mad because she would not eat it and brought her another which was no better. Last time we could not get any serve this place should be sut down pretty sure it is headed that way. Discussing. This place had almost everyone complaining last time we were there Managers needed to be out speaking with the customers and keeping check on their employees and ban their cell phones while working. My family will never go back to Ruby Tuesday again. Poor quality of food and extremely bad serivice. They gave us a card for a free appetizer and would not let us use it on our 2nd visit. So if u want horrible food and service go there not for me to spend my hard earned money on I will take our business some where else. The sad point is that there is no way that upper management is not aware of this. A resturant in this bad of condidtion has many complaints. I feel that the corporate mentailty concerning this is to make as much money as possible off the name Ruby Tuesday with incompetant staff and cheap labor prices eventually ending in the collapse of the company. Bankruptcy is in the near future.

Review about: Ruby Tuesday Waiter.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Savannah, Georgia, United States #592685

So you had a horrible experience and decided to return to the same location? It obviously couldn't have been too bad. Also, your article is almost impossible to read with the large amount of spelling and grammar mistakes.

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